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Brought to you by Hutchinson Construction, LLC. 100% of the proceeds to benefit local North Texas communities through partner charities including: Sharing Life, North Texas Food Bank, and Jubilee Park & Community Center.

About the Partner Charities


Sharing Life began as a food pantry. As Sharing Life has grown, they have been blessed by donors, supporters, and partners to add additional services, making them one of the few organizations in the DFW area that provides full range of services that they do. In addition to food, Sharing Life offers clothing, utility assistance, medical equipment, educational programs, financial coaching, and shelter for their unhoused neighbors. 

About Sharing Life


Sharing life strives to end hunger and poverty by demonstrating compassion to those in need through food, clothing, financial resources, and educational programs.


In 2021, Sharing Life served 158,157 families, 8,800,000 pounds of foods, and over $2,000,000 in financial assistance.

About North Texas Food Bank


Founded in 1982, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a nonprofit hunger relief organization that distributes donated and purchased foods through a network of more than 400 Partner Agencies and Organizations in 13 counties.


To close the hunger gap in North Texas by providing access to nutritious food.


A hunger-free, healthy North Texas. 


Every dollar donated to NTFB provides access to three healthy meals for hungry North Texans, and 95 percent of our resources go directly to hunger relief programs.


In 2022, 136.9 million meals were provided to kids, seniors, and families in need and more than 32 million pounds of fresh produce were distributed.


Integrity - NTFB is accountable, committed, and strives for excellence.

Compassion - NTFB is mission-focused, passionate, and advocates for those who need them.

Collaboration - NTFB is innovative, teams players, and committed to respecting others.

About Jubilee Park 


What began as a modest effort in 1997 has blossomed over the years into programs that touch the lives of the entire community. Over the years, Jubilee has launched an out-of-school program, a playground, the United People's Neighborhood Association, T. Boone Pickens Community Center and The Resource Center, and the Gurley Place Senior Housing Complex. 


The mission of Jubilee Park and Community Center is to be a catalyst for community renewal and enrichment to the Jubilee Park Neighborhood, a 62-block area in Southeast Dallas.


Opportunity - Working with neighbors and civic leaders to connect people and resources.

Education & Workforce - Providing holistic educational programs for children and adults.

Housing - Building affordable new homes. And building new life into existing ones. 

Health - Building healthy lifestyles through nutrition, activity, education, and access.

Safety - Laying the foundation of a vibrant community through safety and relationships.


As of January 2020, 28,507 enrichment hours were provided by the After School program, 20+ schools were served, 11,403 meals were served, and 53% returned for the After School program from the previous year. Since the Park was established, there has been a 73% decrease in the number of crimes, crimes reported in the Jubilee Park make up less than 1% of all crimes reported in Dallas, and in May of 2015 and October of 2017, zero incidents of crime were reported in Jubilee Park. Annually, neighbors access more than 30,000 meals and 10,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. A growing number of kids and adults access activities every week to stay healthy and active. There has been a 46% increase in homeownership rates, 9% decrease in renter rates, and a 38% decrease in vacant lots.

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About Blocking Hunger

Blocking Hunger.png
Our Impact

4 Pantries - We currently have Travis’ Pantries in four elementary schools across north Texas: Huffman, Trinity Basin, Weiss, and Dr. Linda Henrie.

4,000+ Students - Over 4,000 students benefit from our Travis’ Pantries and Nourish2Flourish outreach programs.

1 Partner - Sharing Life provides the meals and food for the children that benefit from Travis’ Pantries and Nourish2Flourish programs.

About Travis Frederick

Travis Frederick first came to Dallas in 2013 as a first-round draft pick from the University of Wisconsin where Travis began his career in the NFL with the Cowboys. Travis played with the Cowboys for the entirety of his seven year NFL career as a center. Shortly after moving to Dallas, Travis saw a community with many food insecure children. Having come from a small town in Wisconsin that faced food insecurity, he knew he wanted to make a positive impact in his new community of Dallas, Texas.

"For a child to go to school hungry and not have an opportunity to be at his full potential or learn, how are our kids going to start and become full adults if they can’t even have food?" - Travis Frederick on how childhood hunger negatively impacts growth

Our Founding


The Blocking Hunger Foundation was founded by Travis Frederick in 2017. The foundation was founded after Travis was volunteering with an organization and noticed all of the children in line to receive the food that he was helping to distribute. It was then that he knew he had to do something. Dallas County has the sixth highest number of children facing hunger in the country. The foundation is actively fighting childhood hunger in the Dallas-Fort Worth communities. Blocking Hunger is working to reduce the number of hungry children by distributing meals to those in need through our Travis’ Pantries and Nourish2Flourish programs. The foundation focuses on addressing childhood hunger because a child can’t reach their full potential if they are hungry.

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